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Kauri team RUN / BIKE / RUN


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Who: Year 4 - 8 students
When: Wednesday, 27th February (PP Friday, 29th February)

Where: Westlake Park
How: We will walk down to the park

What time: 9:00am Class roll
                   9:10 meet on Cricket wicket with all gear
                   9:15 - 20 Walk to Westlake Park

                   9:40 - 10:00      Set up, walk the course, introductions and explanations
                   10:00 - 12:00    Races
                   12: 00 - 12:20  Awards ceremony for individual winners
                   12:30 -              Pack up and walk back to school

Events: There are 4 races

                 Individual                       Teams

Race 1       8yr and under                             Year 4

Race 2       9yr                                              Year  5

Race 3       10yr                                            Year 6

Race 4       11/12+ yr                                     Year 7 / 8

Course and distance

The running section is around the main fields at Westlake.
The cycle section will involve cycling around the outside of both lakes

The distances are approximately:

Run 1  = 1km
Cycle =  3kms
Run 2  = 1km

NB: the course is the SAME distance and layout for ALL age groups.


All students are expected to participate as we aim to develop students' physical fitness as well as developing perseverance and resilience.

Students can enter as [1] an individual
                                   [2] a two person team
                                   [3] a three person team

Students entering as an individual receive 30 house points
Students entering as a team receive 5 house points each.

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