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Thursday 28th March

Session 1 - We're underway

Today we had our fist session of the 2013 Junior Sport Academy.

We met in Room 5 and went over the expectations and talked about how the aim is to have FUN. We all agreed that by listening to the teachers when they give instructions we will be able to do lots of FUN activities... and we did.

We began by doing some simple activities with a partner. This involved following our partner as they moved around an area marked by cones. We had to do what our partner did - walk, run, skip, walk backwards etc, then we swapped.
We were learning a very important skill for sport - the ability to think ahead and find space.

We then played a tag game that practiced this skill even more.

Next week we will begin with these activities and then do some small ball skills.

We will also take some photos so we can add them to the blog.


We will be running a weekly fundamental sport skills session for year 3 students. This is known as the Junior Sports Academy.

Last year we ran this with year 2 students. We are continuing with this year group - only now they are in year 3.

Next year, as part of the Kauri team, they participate in a run/bike/run, swimming events, triathlon, athletics and basketball. It is vital that students come to us with established fundamental skills.

Students who participated last year are offered entry again, and other interested students will receive an INFORMATION NOTICE on Wednesday.  Please read through this carefully and return to MR FORMAN in room 5.

A copy of the notice can be found below.

Any questions, email me at        grant.forman@oaklands.school.nz    
           or pop into Room 5

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