Friday, 29 March 2013

Thursday 28th March

New addition to sports blog:


A new page has been added - Upcoming Events - aimed to keep you informed of events inside and outside of school. If you have an event to add, let me know at

Awesome Athletes

This week we celebrate Jonathan Rapson from Room 22 - Mr 'Go-Get-Em' - check out the Awesome Athletes page.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Just a reminder for students who participated in the Weetbix TRYathlon to bring their blue t-shirt and medal for a TEAM photo tomorrow (THURSDAY). Any Oaklands student who participated is welcome for the photo - not just those who registered through the school.

If we don't get a good turnout, I will look to do it on Friday. If so, I will collect in t-shirts and medals tomorrow and look after them for the night - to return on Friday.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Junior Sports Academy

We will be running a weekly fundamental sport skills session for year 3 students. This is known as the Junior Sports Academy.

Last year we ran this with year 2 students. We are continuing with this year group - only now they are in year 3.

Next year, as part of the Kauri team, they participate in a run/bike/run, swimming events, triathlon, athletics and basketball. It is vital that students come to us with established fundamental skills.

Students who participated last year are offered entry again, and other interested students will receive an INFORMATION NOTICE on Wednesday.  Please read through this carefully and return to MR FORMAN in room 5.

A copy of the notice can be found in the JUNIOR SPORT ACADEMY page, accessible via the tabs at the top of the page.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Monday 18th March

Weetbix TRYathlon - What a great day!

On Sunday morning (very early actually) a dedicated group of students and even more dedicated group of parents and supporters made their way to Pioneer Stadium and Centennial Park for the Weetbix TRYathlon.

We put up a gazebo and our two school 'teardrop' flags to show that Oaklands had arrived. This became our 'base' and came in very handy when the rain came down.

It took awhile to get through all the events, but the satisfaction on the faces of students made it all worthwhile. Students' had to dig deep and call on all their reserves of 'just do it'  as well as perseverance  when the legs refused to move forward.

This THURSDAY we are going to get a photo at school of athletes with their blue weetbix t-shirts and medals. This is open to ALL students from Oaklands who competed on the day, not just the ones who registered through the school.

A reminder notice wil go into the school newsletter on Wednesday.

If any parents / supporters have any photos of the big day, we would love to get hold of them and put them on the blog.

You can either email them to
or drop them into room 5 on a pen drive

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


This Friday (15th) is the final night for touch rugby at Halswell.   

The VIPERS touch team have made it through to the FINALS. They play at 4:35pm. They are a gun team with a great team spirit (not to mention that many of them are in Room 5). 

Come on down and support the VIPERS and all the other teams that contain OAKLANDS students.

A big thank you to coaches, managers and parents for all the time and effort that you have put into getting our tamariki involved in sport. 

Weetbix TRYathlon - Here we come

Today we had our final training session. Great to see so many there. I reckon they are ready to roll on the big day.

They day starts REAL early and athletes need to be processed, sorted, and have bikes in transition by 8:15am - after that they won't let you in.

I am trying to arrange a space for us. Once I know I will let you know. Please check the Sports blog to find out any more information.

On the day: I will be there cheering on everyone. Hopefully we will have a space for a gazebo and my bike pump.

Please remember that athletes can't get their bikes out of transition until ALL races are completed - at 12:30ish.  We are entitled to a SCHOOL PHOTO which we will get after prizegiving - so at around 1:00pm. Hopefully we can all get together for this.

Below is a link to the Weebix TRYathlon site with information about RACE DAY at Pioneer. Please read carefully and remember to bring ALL the stuff in their RACE KITS.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Tomorrow (Thursday) is the final training session for TRYathletes before the big day on Sunday.

We can't get access to the pool so we will go for the trusty blue sports bucket filled with water.


If you can, wear your togs underneath your sports clothes as we will practice running into transition in your swimming togs, and then putting on the your top, as well as helmet and shoes.


A notice will go home tomorrow with information about Sunday. All the information can be found on the Weetbix TRYathlon website

It is an early start on Sunday with registration and putting your bike into transition all needing to be done before 8:15am.

See you all there.

Monday, 11 March 2013

South West Zone Swimming Championships

Today 18 students, Mr Forman and Mr Hillary, and our wonderful parents went to Wharenui Pool for the South West Zone Swimming Championships.

Students competed against their same age peers from 10 other schools. Students were competing for the chance to go to the Canterbury Primary Schools Swimming Championships.

All Oaklands students gave their all and can be very proud of their efforts.

We had some outstanding results, with the following students placing in the top 3 in their respective age and discipline.


1st - 12yr  4X50m relay - Ihaia Kendrew, William Baxter, Madison Keogan and Rachel Pullan

2nd - 12yr  50m freestyle                 -Ihaia Kendrew
2nd - 12yr  50m freestyle                - Rachel Pullan  
2nd - 12yr  50m backstrole              - Ihaia Kendrew
2nd - 10yr  5om breaststroke           - Iona Simpson
2nd -           50m open butterfly       - Sophie Hardie

Another example of Oaklands students achieving in sport.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Swim Zone Trials

What a fantastic day we had at Jellie Park.
After arriving and getting changed students jumped into the pool for a 10 minute warmup session. Swimmers practised their starts from up on the starting blocks, and a few had a go at tumble turning.

29 Swimmers tried out for the opportunity to represent Oaklands at next Tuesday's South West Zone swim meet at Wharenui Pool.  The first two in each race (based on age and gender) were eligible.

Racing was competitive but it was great to see (and hear) students cheering for each other, as they came to the business end of the 50m races.

We finished a little ahead of schedule, which didn't seem to bother the students as they got a 20 minute 'free swim' - with the whole pool to themselves.

It was great to have our wonderful parents / grandparents along to support students, and we appreciated the help with deciding on placings, ensuring the turns were done correctly and the cup of coffee that Mr Hillary and Mr Forman received.

As always, we really value the time and effort of our wonderful community to get behind these events and help us out.

A great day had by all. We will post results shortly as well as the zone swim team.

Students selected have been given two notices - [1] permission slip and parent help request and [2] sport jacket form to be signed and returned a.s.a.p

Grant Forman

Friday, 1 March 2013

RUN BIKE RUN - A huge success

What an an awesome day. Sunny weather, outstanding racing and smiles all around. Sport... lovin' it

A bright and early start by Mr Hillary, Mr Brown and Mr Forman down at the park had the course all marked out by the time students arrived around 9:45am. After a snack, race debriefing and a walk around the course to familiarise students with which path to follow, we got underway with the 8year old individual and year 4 teams race.

Racing was competitive throughout all the races, with the community spirit shown by teammates, athletes waiting for their race and our wonderful community a particular highlight of a fantastic sporting event.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, a special 'well done' to those who challenged themselves above what they thought they could achieve, and a special tumeke to the recipients of gold, silver or bronze medals in the individual races.


8yr boys -     Ashton Stocker (Rm5)              8yr girls -       Charlotte Lynn (Rm5)
9yr boys -     Levi Green (Rm 12)                 9yr girls  -       Jacqueline Keenan (Rm10)
10yr boys -   Tim Adams (Rm 11)                10yr girls  -     Mia Warren (Rm 11)
11yr boys -   Oliver Burgess (Rm9)              11yr girls -      Claudia Himsel (Rm8)
12yr boys -   Travis Iggo (Rm7)                    12yr girls -      Olivia KIng (Rm8)
A full list of placings for individual and team races can be found on the RUN BIKE RUN tab at the top of the page.